Secar de la Real farmer arrested.

Secar de la Real farmer arrested. archive photo.

09-11-2020Ultima Hora

A 45-year-old Mallorcan man from the Es Secar de la Real district of Palma has been arrested for allegedly assaulting, persecuting and threatening to kill a worker.

Police say a Senegalese man appeared at the Police station in Polígono de Son Castelló on Saturday, sweating, very upset, and visibly frightened.

The man had apparently been collecting almonds on the farm in Secar de la Real for a few days, but didn’t have a contract and was allegedly working illegally.

He told Police that when he finished picking the almonds he tried to contact his boss by phone to get paid for the work he'd done, because he needed money for food. When he got no response he decided to go to the farm in person and claims that as soon as the farmer saw him he allegedly started yelling “Get out of here or I'll hit you” and grabbed his chest.

The defendant then allegedly went into the house and got a shotgun, pointed it at the worker and threatened to kill him.

When he told Police what had happened, patrols were deployed to the scene and found the farmer in his car.

The defendant initially denied the allegations claiming he didn’t know the Senegalese man, but eventually admitted that he did and allegedly confessed to threatening and assaulting the man.


The farmer is reportedly a lover of guns, has a hunting licence and owns four shotguns and three primers.

He has been charged and released on bail.


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