Pfizer vaccine. | Dado Ruvic


The Balearic Government, Employers Associations and the Tourism and Health Sectors have welcomed Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine announcement, calling it the most positive news this year.

Now we have a more positive horizon that gives us some hope. With due caution, this is good news that will make the economy rise rapidly in the Balearic Islands,” said Mallorca Chamber of Commerce President, Antoni Mercant. “It’s what was needed to morally encourage people to think about economic recovery.

We are optimistic about the latest news regarding the vaccine, the new policy derived from the change of Presidency in the United States and the reaction on the Stock Markets, but it’s a mistake to interpret them with euphoria, because the effects must be consolidated and reach all layers of our society and economy,” cautioned CAEB President, Carmen Planas. “So my message is that controlling the pandemic is still the priority to ensure economic recovery for all as soon as possible.

Planas added that "the ERTE is being extended at least until next summer."

“The most effective thing is that you have to launch positive messages, but with caution.” said PIMEM President Jordi Mora. “It will not be the only vaccine and in the meantime we must coexist with coronavirus and try to regain the confidence lost during the last almost nine months because of the pandemic.

Tourism Sector

We have to keep your feet on the ground and see how events unfold with the vaccine, but we are coming out of a nightmare and this will encourage people to travel and could save Travel Agencies that are on the ropes because of the pandemic,” said Avila President Francesc Mulet.

“It's the only break we’ve had against coronavirus this year and any positive news in this regard has a multiplying effect throughout the Tourism Industry,” commented Gabriel Llobera, President of the Balearic Hotel Chains Association or ACH. “It’s something that was expected, but the sooner it is consolidated the better, for health, the economy and the entire tourism industry.

"Optimism always goes down well but must be framed in prudence,” said Government Spokesperson, Pilar Costa, who pointed out that the vaccine is not immediately available so it’s important to set short-term objectives.

Passenger controls at ports and airports are still awaiting approval by the Central Government and the Balearic Islands will insist on the need for visitors to obtain a negative PCR test at origin at the Inter-territorial Health Council. With the Constitution Day holiday just around the corner a fast response is needed.

"We don’t know when the vaccine will arrive, so we must work with what is available, but it is true that it has raised spirits," said Costa. “The reaction of the stock market and the Tourism Sector to Pfizer’s vaccine announcement shows the desire and need that everyone has to reactivate the economy, but the vaccine won’t be here today or tomorrow, therefore it is necessary to have maximum security at entrances and exits to the Islands."