Covid rapid tests

Palma airport will have facilities for rapid antigen testing.


From this coming Monday, the 23rd, the national ministry of health will be making available 25,600 rapid antigen tests at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport. These will be tests for foreign travellers arriving at the airport without proof of a negative PCR test having been carried out within 72 hours of travel.

The airports authority Aena explains that three rooms are being set up in arrivals. One will be for the tests, a second will be the waiting room (for results), and the third will be for isolating any passengers who test positive. "Everything will be perfectly coordinated," says Aena.

The ministry and the airports authority are looking to be as fast as possible. The number of specialist personnel will be increased, with results from the antigen tests available after fifteen minutes. The additional personnel will be supplied by the regional health ministry and the national ministry through its external health service.

The UK and German governments (as well as others) have been advising travellers of the need to have negative PCR tests for travel to Spain. This requirement comes into effect on Monday, the Spanish government having stated that travellers face being fined if they arrive without proof of a negative PCR test. The government's regulations stipulate that airlines are responsible for ensuring that travellers present the correct test documentation when checking in. But travellers will be liable once they arrive in Spain; rapid tests being available at airports does not obviate the requirement to have a negative PCR test prior to travel.

The antigen tests will also be available at the airports in Minorca and Ibiza and at ports, as and when international traffic, e.g. cruises, resumes.


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Alex Davenport / Hace 11 months

Could this solve my Xmas conundrum? I’ve flights booked from LTN leaving afternoon of 26th Dec, so no idea how I’m going to manage a PCR test and keep the 72 hours rule!


Ti / Hace 11 months

Can someone clear up whether you can travel with negative antigen test or full pcr the guidelines are unclear and Palma airport bought antigen tests and these are much cheaper!!! for a family of 6 I could buy a holiday in Mallorca for the price of 6 tests it’s just ludicrous and why not do antigen tests in airports n why fine people now when it was ok to isolate before the rules change too often I think governments are just coming up with ways to fund themselves by fining people for normal everyday things it’s unfair !!!


Yogi / Hace 11 months

This makes absolutely no sense. Why provide tests? How could anyone have travelled by air without proof of a neg PCR? And what about domestic Spanish nationals and Spanish residents? So much for coordination in and by the Mallorcan Govt. Dolts!


Urszula / Hace 11 months

And any information how much does it cost?


Lisa / Hace 11 months

If travellers arriving in Mallorca need to have already had the test - and can be heavily fined for not doing so - why bother having these tests at the airport?

Wow this really is confusing! Tourists brave enough to book for next year are already cancelling because of the new rules. Yep, no tourists guys.

This confusion - without a change in the rules - makes it worse!!!!

What on earth are the Gov up to? It’s economic suicide.


Alan / Hace 11 months

Sorry, what's the point of this from a Brit perspective if you still have to have a negative PCR test 72 hours before flying to Spain or face a €6,000 fine??? Seems pointless.