Fishermen robbed in Alcudia.

24-11-2020Youtube: Ultima Hora

30 octopus traps that were anchored between Alcanada and the loading dock in Alcudia have been stolen.

The people in charge of the Es Puetes Nou boat say the ropes that attach the traps to the buoys were deliberately cut.

The incident has been reported to the Guardia Civil, the Fishermen’s Guild of Alcúdia, the Balearic Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds and the Fisheries Inspection Services.

“It’s the first time this has happened in our area and we just hope that it's an isolated incident and won’t become a habit,” said the Mayor of the Fishermen’s Guild of Alcudia, David Carsi. “There have been times when recreational fishermen have interfered with our activity, but those issues were resolved immediately because they were either an error or negligence, but the theft of these 30 octopus cages is something new to us.”

Carpi also said that the Federation of Fishermen's Guilds was warning everyone to be on alert "because nets have also been sabotaged in the Pollensa area."

The Fishermen’s Guild of Alcudia has 8 vessels to catch octopus with traps, each one can deploy 150 cages and they’re all licenced by the Ministry of Fisheries.


“A young fisherman from our brotherhood has been badly affected by this theft and we cannot allow this to become a constant threat,” said Carsi. “Fishermen’s gear is very expensive and we can’t afford to lose our livelihood, especially in the current climate.”


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Rob / Hace 11 months

Burglaries and petty thefts are happening from the Port of Alcudia up to Playa de Muro. These are happening after curfew hours , so it makes you wonder how people can roam unchallenged at these hours .