Smoking ban, Mallorca. archive photo. | EFE

The Spanish Association Against Cancer in the Balearic Islands has questioned the Government's decision to relax the smoking ban.

“Knowing that tobacco is responsible for 30% of cancer deaths and since it was the authorities that implemented the smoking ban in public spaces to limit the spread of Covid-19, it makes sense to maintain these restrictions beyond the pandemic."

Smokers were banned from lighting up in public spaces in late August and the decision was applauded by the Association's Chairman by Dr Javier Cortés who has already called for the ban to be kept in place and said relaxing the regulations is "a setback for public health."

On World Lung Cancer Day, November 17, the Spanish Association Against Cancer published a study claiming that 80% of respondents are in favour of expanding smoke-free spaces to reduce exposure to tobacco, which is responsible for 82% of lung cancer cases.