Christmas lights in Palma. | M. À. Cañellas


The Christmas lights are up, some people are decorating their homes and balconies and Madrid has gone all out with a whole kilometre of lights and Spanish flags, but some people are questioning whether lavish decorations are appropriate when the economy is on its knees.

Critics say the Authorities should shelve Christmas and use the money they splash out on lights to pay outstanding bills and mitigate emergencies.

Christmas Lights in Palma.

Orgull Llonguet has opened a debate on that very subject on Facebook and dozens of people are voicing their opinion.

Margarida questioned whether the lights invite people to spend more on local trade which has been devastated by the pandemic.

"If people are unemployed they can't spend money they don’t have,” she says. “It is widely said that the money should go to health care or needy families and that may be the right thing to do, but I do think the Christmas lights help traders and small businesses need a boost this year, perhaps more than ever.”

Christmas lights in Palma.