Alcudia's Beach. | P. PELLICER


On Tuesday, Alcudia town hall’s beach management committee met. This comprised the mayor, Barbara Rebassa, the deputy mayor with responsibility for beaches, Domingo Bonnin, the tourism councillor, Josep Cladera, the environment councillor, Tomàs Adrover, the services and maintenance councillor, Martí Garcias, technicians from the EMSA municipal services agency and others with responsibilities for the environment and water, the local police, those in charge of sunloungers, rescue service, cleaning and disinfection, and someone from the consultancy Sostenible XXI.

How many people does it take to constitute a beach management committee? An awful lot by the sound of it, but at least the town hall can’t be accused of not being thorough. Consideration was given to how things had gone this summer. The measures which were adopted were felt to have been positive for what was described as “pioneering” in terms of beach Covid security.

The beaches will reopen (officially) on May 1 next year, and the town hall will be renewing the Covid-free beach certification and adopting some other measures, such as greater provision for swimmers with disabilities. The review of all protocols will be completed by April in order that the SGS certification can be given. These protocols will all be subject to potential review next year if there is an improvement in the health situation.

Meanwhile, diggers have been used to remove accumulations of sand at the mouth of the Lago Esperanza canal in order to prevent possible flooding.