Palma Cathedral and Christmas tree. | Pere Bota


Palma City Council is reportedly studying ways to stop crowds gathering in the centre of town to see the Christmas lights after photographs and video showing large numbers of people milling around Parc de la Mar and Passeig des Born over the holiday weekend.

The Citizen Participation Councillor Alberto Jarabo has refused to accept that the lights are a source of contagion in Palma, insisted that they’ve been distributed in such a way as to avoid the risk of crowding.

But social media websites are awash with complaints along with photos and video of groups of families and friends meandering through the city like they did before the pandemic.

“There will always be sources of attraction for people, but the lights are spread out in so many places that I doubt it is a source of contagion,” claimed Councillor Jarabo. “By that logic, supermarkets and stores would also be sources of contagion, you have to maintain a certain standard of normal life, but there will be places where more people are going to gather.”