Alfonso Robledo, CAEB President.

Alfonso Robledo, CAEB President.

11-12-2020Ultima Hora

McDonald’s and Burger King have been reported to the National Police for allegedly breaking the curfew.

The President of the Association of Bars, Cafes and Restaurants of Mallorca, Restauración, Alfonso Robledo claimed on Friday that both companies were delivering food after 22:00.

“These businesses offered delivery service beyond the established time limit which is totally prohibited,” he explained. "We received a flood of calls saying the city was full of home delivery bikes at around midnight.”

Robledo says businesses that ignore the Government curfew are giving the Sector a bad name.

"It hurts us all,” he said, “not only because it’s risks the efforts made by restaurant workers and employers to reduce infections, but also because these establishments are harming their own Sector.”

"We cannot afford to have an enemy in our own camp and that is why we will be relentless in making sure businesses obey the curfew,” vowed Robledo. “This Sector is not the focus of contagion and although the rules are tremendously harsh with us, if the law doesn’t allow us to open after 22:00, then we must not open.”


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Kim / Hace 12 months

But why?

The reason of the curfew is to make people stay at home, then a food delivery system works perfectly.

I really hate how no sense is put into these restrictions...

And why put out a curfew in the hours where 98% of people sleep anyway, clearly just a meaningless symbolic action from the government. Just stop it, please.