Christmas in Mallorca will be very different this year. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorca has been placed at Tier Four, the highest level of restriction contemplated by the Balearic government under the current state of alarm.

The relaxations which had previously been announced for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have been reversed. There will be 10pm curfews, as with every other day, and gatherings will be a maximum of six (as is the case generally) and not ten. The 10pm curfew has been extended to December 28 and will be subject to review and possible further extension to cover New Year.

In announcing the latest measures, President Armengol said on Monday that the evolution of the pandemic in Mallorca "is not good". "We have witnessed a worrying upturn in the number of cases." The 14-day cumulative incidence has now reached 336 per 100,000. "By next week it could be 400 or higher."

Armengol said that the virus has twice been controlled in the Balearics but that it again demands "enormous efforts from us". She was convinced that the public will comply with the measures and noted that these had successfully reduced incidence in Ibiza, which is now at Tier Two.

With regard to other measures, the interiors of bars and restaurants are to be closed, while these establishments will be obliged to shut at 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays and on Christmas Eve. A reason for this early closing is to avoid the so-called "tardeo" afternoon/evening gatherings. Otherwise, terraces can remain open until 10pm.

Smoking in the street, provided that smokers are not walking and maintain two metres social distance, will continue to be permitted. Large stores will have to reduce capacities to 30%, as will gyms. For theatres, the capacities will be 50%. Recreation centres and centres for senior citizens will have to close. Visits to care homes for the elderly will be by one person at a time and for no longer than one hour.

The gatherings of a maximum of six people will be both indoors and outdoors. In the case of indoor gatherings at Christmas, these can be for people from two households, so that no one has to be alone at Christmas.

In the rest of the Balearics, Formentera is at Tier One and Minorca is at Tier Three. The later curfew of 1.30am for Christmas will still apply to the other islands.

These latest measures will come into effect on Wednesday with the exception of those applying to bars and restaurants. These will be from Thursday to give establishments time to adapt. There are due to be talks later today between the government and hospitality industry representatives to discuss means of alleviating financial losses.

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