Classic Blanquerna, Palma. | T. Ayuga


Staff at restaurants and bars are being inundated with questions all day long because customers are confused about the constantly changing coronavirus restrictions in Mallorca.

Mallorca is now in Level 4 which means customers are only allowed to eat or drink on terraces or in outside spaces, they are not allowed to enter bars or restaurants.

Many owners are offering a takeaway service to keep their businesses afloat, others are just battling on in the hope that the restrictions will be eased for New Year.

The weather can make a massive difference to trade. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Palma on Thursday and from early morning people were looking for tables at Plaça de Espanya so that they could enjoy a coffee or even a beer.

Dadelín Jiménez, who’s a waitress at Es Forn de Santa Clara says sunshine is great for business.

"We have a full terrace now, but we'll see what happens when it rains," she said.

Gabriel Alexander, Juan y Juana, Palma.

At Juana y Juan tapas and drinks bar, bartender Gabriel Alexander was optimistic about the new rules.

These measures are necessary right now, but the Hospitality Industry is being severely punished, they should lighten up the restrictions.”

Isabel González from Ben’s cafeteria says she makes more money from customers who eat at the restaurant, but she’s lost space and reduced the opening hours because of the new restrictions and now closes at around 17:00.

Desmon Murphy y Helena Abad at Cafè Sucre, Palma.

Helena Abad and her husband Desmon Murphy, from Café Sucre, sell coffees and sandwiches to take-away.

“We are a little scared, but at least we have a terrace and a takeaway service, so we do what we can," they said, but admitted takings have dropped 25% during the crisis.

Antonio López del Amo, from Classic Blanquerna says there’s been a 30% decline in consumption and that customers are already asking for take-aways.

"It will be a way for us to continue," he says.

At Mariscal del Jamón, Lucía Mariscal predicts "very hard times ahead." Instead of 20 tables outside, she now has 10 and says “customers appear to be very confused as to whether they're allowed to sit inside or not."

While some restaurateurs are resigned to following the restrictions, others are extremely angry with the Government and believe that clamping down on the Hospitality Sector will backfire.