Shop in Mallorca. | Gemma Andreu


The latest round of restrictions issued by the Balearic Government mean that large shopping centers, non-essential stores that exceed 700 metres and leisure centres such as Fan Mallorca, Mallorca Fashion Outlet and Porto Pí are not allowed to open this weekend or next, not even to sell food or basic supplies. Only cinemas will be open, according to Government Spokesperson, Pilar Costa.

These are the two busiest weekends of the year and the forced closure is a massive blow for traders who were hoping the January sales and the run up to Three King’s Day would help them recoup some of the money they’ve lost during the pandemic.

Fears that the measures will be extended after the two weeks are up has prompted several companies to consider putting thousands of people back in ERTE.

Representatives of the employer’s association, ANGED plan to ask the Vice-President of the Government, Juan Pedro Yllanes to reconsider the measures when they meet on Tuesday.

Essential services

ANGED points out that capacity in supermarkets is still 100% whereas in big stores it’s been reduced to 30% and says the fact that they were considered an essential service during the initial State of Emergency but are now forced to close is contradictory.

More than 10,000 workers in the Sector will be affected by the new restrictions, according to ANGED. Pilar Costa says the Government is aware that the restrictions are harsh, but says now is the time to preserve health.