Police in Palma, Mallorca

The National Police dealt with a gathering in Camp Redó.

01-01-2021José de Orbe

The major police operation in Mallorca designed to prevent illegal New Year parties would appear to have been a success.

The Guardia Civil and the National Police report that things were quiet. From their monitoring of social media and chat, the security forces had been aware that parties were being planned, but there are no reports of any having been held. However, the forces are continuing to be vigilant, suspecting that events may have been postponed to the weekend.

In Palma, the only notable incident was a street gathering in the Camp Redó district. The National Police broke this up at 1.45am. Nine people will be fined. Others managed to disperse when officers arrived.

Otherwise, the police say that they had several calls complaining about loud music but that in none of these cases were Covid regulations being breached.


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George / Hace 11 months

Considering I knew of many happening in my area I can’t say they did a good job and considering there were photos and videos all over social media the next day I also can conclude they didn’t do a good job on that aspect either.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Funny, this article makes out it was the police who takes the credit. No mention of the tens of thousands who used their senses and stayed in their homes. Hurray for the police, hurray for Armengol........pfffff