Astilleros Mallorca.


Astilleros Mallorca in Palma is one of three shipyards taking part in a project for nautical industry energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions. Overseen by the Soermar Technology Centre in Madrid, which has support from the Spanish interior ministry, the project is specifically a study of the use of hydrogen for generating electricity.

The technology of producing and storing hydrogen for electricity - 'Green Hydrogen' - is something that the government is keen to explore. At regional level, the Balearic government and the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce are moving ahead in making energy produced from hydrogen batteries a reality.

In the specific case of Astilleros Mallorca, the project will contribute to decision-making for shipyard facilities and to a reduction of the environmental footprint through the generation of clean energy. The Palma shipyard is therefore working along the lines set out by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The technology has benefits in terms of cutting air and water contamination as well as noise pollution. For shipyards participating in this innovative project, there is the expectation of receiving widespread recognition for being associated with renewable and alternative energy.

At present, boats, trains, buses and cars can operate using hydrogen. Airbus is planning to have planes by 2035. The rollout of hydrogen technology is initially for industry, but applications using hydrogen batteries will eventually be for all forms of transport.