Just 20,000 foreign tourists in November. | Efe


In November, Spain received 456,956 foreign tourists, 90.2% lower than in November 2019.

The latest figures from the National Statistics Institute's Frontur survey of foreign tourist movement indicate that 20,102 tourists came to the Balearics in November. This represented a fall of 89%.

The Canary Islands received the most foreign tourists - 160,662, a decrease of 86.3%. The other main tourist regions - Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia - all registered falls of over 90%. In the case of Madrid, this was by 95.1% (a total of 32,799 tourists arrived in November). Catalonia with 58,794 tourists ranked second behind the Canaries; this was a decrease of 94.4%.

For Spain as a whole, the UK provided most tourists in November - 88,150, a drop of 89.9%. Germany with 76,322 tourists was down 86.6% and France (66,533 tourists) fell by 88.4%.

For the January to November period, Spain received 18.3 million tourists. France was the largest market - 3.7 million, a decrease of 65% - followed by the UK with 3.1 million, a decline of 82.2%. By way of comparison, over the first eleven months of 2019 there were 79.2 million foreign tourists.

Spending by foreign tourists was 467 million euros in November, which was down 90.8% compared with November 2019. For the eleven months, total spending fell 78.1% to 19,044 million euros.

In the Balearics, spending by foreign tourists from January to November was 1,812 million euros. Over the same period of 2019 the spending was 14,700 million euros.