Covid-19 screening in Soller. recent photo. | Ultima Hora


The Son Rapinya Residents’ Association has blasted the Ministry of Health over its decision to carry out Covid-19 tests for the area in the Son Cotoner Sports Centre on the opposite side of the Via de Cintura.

There are no buses, it’s difficult to park and it’s going to be really difficult for elderly people to get there,” they stressed.

The Residents' Association claims it contacted the coordinators to propose that the tests be moved to the Juan Seguí Sports Pavilion.

"Apparently it can't be done because an official hockey game is planned at the pavilion and the offer of Casa regional Valenciana in La Vileta has been dismissed as inadequate by the Health Authorities,” they said. “Other proposals have also been flatly refused, such as using tents, enabling a specific Son Rapinya-Son Cotoner bus line for these days or reserving a parking area in Son Cotoner in front of the pavilion.”

Local residents are outraged that a hockey game takes precedence over their health needs,” according to the Residents’ Association which has also criticised how the tests are being organised.

“A sanitary screening is carried out in a very different way, with closed perimeter zones and systematic analysis of the entire population,” they said. “We don’t deny the value of the evidence that is offered and we encourage participation, but the effectiveness of what is going to be done is far below that provided by screening.”

The Residents’ Association also complained that it had not been consulted or included in plans for testing in the Son Rapinya neighbourhood.