People queuing at Palma Shopping Centre.

People queuing at Palma Shopping Centre.

08-01-2021Pere Bota

Hordes of people swarmed into Shopping Centres and supermarkets on Friday after the Government announced that stores bigger than 700 m2 will be closed for at least 15 days from next Tuesday.

Big stores are not allowed to open this weekend under the coronavirus restrictions already in place, which meant the announcement left Mallorca’s residents in a panic, with just Friday and Monday to get their supplies in and restock the cupboards.

Traffic jam outside FAN Mallorca.

There were massive traffic jams at pretty much ever shopping centre and mall on the Island on Friday which caused huge tailbacks, particularly on the Ma-19 around Fan Mallorca. El Corte Inglés in the Avenidas and Mallorca Fashion Outlet were also very busy.

From Tuesday January 12, only departments dedicated to essential services, such as supermarkets will be open to the public.

Bars and restaurants will also be closed but home delivery and order collection will still be allowed to continue.

Small businesses will shut at 20:00 and capacity during opening hours will be limited to 30%.

The 22:00 curfew will remain in place for another 15 days.

The Government has appealed to the public to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary, to help drive down the possibility of contracting coronavirus.


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Miss Angry / Hace 11 months

Madness, madness, madness .... more infections now because of Friday and this Monday. Also the closure of Saturdays have caused higher numbers during the week. Destroy the economy further at the same time.

IKEA, LEROYS, BAUHAUS, BRICOMART will all be packed tomorrow - stupidity once again. The numbers of infections will spike in 14 days from this madness.

Also shrinking car parking ... so with the rains last week you forced the elderly to walk in the rain long distances as they could not park in the underground car parks . eg. Palma Nova Mercadona = they will probably now get chills, which will develop to pneumonia, then sepsis ... then 2 foot under. Great work Mallorquin government.


Adam / Hace 11 months

Just for info in GERMANY everything except for supermarkets has been closed down here for 6 weeks and now they extend till the 15th of feb for the moment so Mallorca 2 WEEKS I think you can Handle !


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Hahaha Ryan, had to LOL about your remark: you need a test to even tell if you have it. Very witty. Yogi and Rich: totally agree. In two weeks we have another "wave" due to the stupidity of this insane regulation. So then they can make even more regulations, etc etc.


Ryan / Hace 11 months

Destroy what’s left of the local economy to slow a virus so deadly you need a test to even tell if you have it. That makes total sense.


Yogi / Hace 11 months

This behaviour defeats the purpose of the restrictions in reducing transmissions. Who, in their right mind, would want to cram themselves into a shopping centre like that? Supermarkets are allowed open so what’s so essential to get from the Fan or Corte Inglés that’s worth the risk?


Rich / Hace 11 months

Very predictable, should ensure a rise in cases. Once again Armengol and her Junta ensure the failure of another of their decisions, before it even comes into effect!! Simply laughable. Do they like destroying Mallorca? Or are they really a bunch of simpletons?