Non-residents can´t visit Spain

Going nowhere for now....


British citizens, who are not legally resident in Spain, can´t travel to Spain until February 2 after the Spanish government decided to extend the ban into next month as a result of the new variant of Covid which has been diagnosed in Britain.

Spain first introduced the restrictions on British citizens earlier this month and it has now been extended on two occasions.

If a British citizen wants to travel to Spain he or she must have the necessary Spanish residence documents, either the new TIE card or green residency certificate.

The Spanish government did say, though, that if the overall Covid situation improved in Britain the ban would be eased.


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Lisa / Hace 9 months

Interestingly there are currently no direct flights in Feb between Palma and the UK. First Ryanair flights are the end of March. Politicians make the rules, but without flights the island will be paralysed.