Healthcare Workers in Palma. | A. Sepúlveda


The Balearic Islands have the third highest number of coronavirus cases in the country behind Extremadura and Madrid.

The Islands have an accumulated incidence rate of 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 25,438 new covid-19 positives making a total of 2,137,220 since the pandemic began and 408 fatalities since Monday, making 52,683. There’s also been a 19-point increase in the accumulated incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days in Spain.

On Tuesday 17,645 people were admitted to hospital with coronavirus, 853 more than the day before, which translates into a hospital occupancy of 14.21% and 26.9% in Intensive Care Units.

Eight regions of Spain have a cumulative incidence higher than the state average. Extremadura is at the top with 1,076 compared to 1,021 the day before; Madrid has 621, up from 595.6; the Balearic Islands have 600 up from 598; Castilla-La Mancha has 595 up from 556; La Rioja has 593.12 up from 557.77; Comunidad Valenciana has 565 up from 516.87; Catalonia has 523 up from 524 and Castilla y León has 469 up from 443.1.

The Health Department has confirmed 14,060 new cases of coronavirus since Friday and 723 fatalities in the last seven days, including 189 in the Valencian Community, 76 in Andalusia, 59 in Extremadura and 55 in Catalonia.

Madrid leads the fatalities list with 12,001 deaths since the pandemic began, followed by Catalonia with 8,890, Andalusia with 5,366 and Castilla y León with 5,320.