Passengers in a bus in Palma, Mallorca

Passengers are being asked to keep quiet.


The Balearic government has asked passengers on public transport to make their journeys in silence. Not speaking on buses, trains and the Metro is one of the government's public transport recommendations for combating the spread of the virus. Others are paying with the intermodal card or a bank card and planning journeys so as to avoid times when transport is at its busiest.

The maximum capacities are being reduced from Wednesday (January 13). On trains and the Metro, standing can only be in places that are marked for this. For the rush hours, the government will be reinforcing the Palma-Inca train route with an express bus service.

The capacity limits are in addition to measures already adopted, such as the obligatory wearing of masks, social distancing, the use of sanitiser gel, and not eating or drinking.


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Rich / Hace about 1 year

So if I need to get to work and the bus is full do I have to get a taxi? I guess it's nearly as cheap as the bus now anyway! Or are they laying on more buses? BTW I have to get the first bus to get to work on time. When will we be banned from breathing?


Cat / Hace about 1 year

Wait. WHAT?? Is it April 1st already? Is anyone still buying that this is about an abnormal virus? Step away from the mainstream media for a minute and read the actual science and statistics without having it spoon-fed to you—and then look at this again. Hospitals are full every winter. People die during respiratory season every year. But THIS??? Wake up, people. Joke’s on us.


hobicatal / Hace about 1 year

how much more of this fascist garbage are people going to take before saying BASTA? Spain has become a totalitarian and tyrant country most likely owned by china hence their fascist rule during this flu virus. masks, lockdowns, social distancing and now silencing the public haha on public paid transport!!! you getting it yet people ?


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Hahahahahahahahaa, asking Spanish people to be silent. You can´t make these things up.


James, First Of The Mohicans / Hace about 1 year

Just stupid.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Oh my days! “Sit down and shut up!” How Orwellian are things now becoming with all the restrictions being thrown at us?