Javier Arranz, speaking on Thursday. | IB3

Spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz, said on Thursday that the coronavirus incidence rate continues to increase in the Balearics and that the increase is fastest in Ibiza, where the incidence is far higher than in Mallorca.

Arranz explained that the 14-day cumulative incidence per 100,000 in Mallorca is 597.6 cases, while in Ibiza it is 1,014. The positivity rate for the islands as a whole is 12.3%, a "really high" rate, but in Ibiza it is up to 25.5%; there have been 700 new positive cases in a week in Ibiza.

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He added that incidence in Formentera is linked to that in Ibiza, while in Minorca an acceleration in the number of cases has been due to identified and isolated outbreaks. Mallorca, Arranz stated, shows a certain stability. For some twenty days the incidence was above 600. It has now dropped below 600. "It is the first step to seeing a decrease." He observed that the number of positive cases in Mallorca is coming down slowly and in all the island's health areas.

Regarding the concerning situation in Ibiza, Arranz said that exponential increase was "something to have been expected" because of internal mobility. Many of the cases are related to the holidays, and "the hangover will last a while".