Palma under curfew. | M. À. Cañellas

PSIB Representatives have acknowledged that they were wrong to underestimate the level of social discontent that the Covid restrictions are causing in Mallorca and agreed that they should have announced an aid package at the same time as the new measures.

Thursday’s Emergency Meeting was attended by; Government Spokesperson Pilar Costa, Tourism & Labour Minister Iago Negueruela, Parliamentary Spokesperson Silvia Cano, Podemos was represented by Councillor Mae de la Concha and Deputies Alejandro López and Esperança Sans represented Podemos and Més Coordinator, Antoni Noguera, Social Affairs Minister Fina Santiago, and Parliamentary Spokesperson, Miquel Ensenyat.

Podemos and Més heavily criticised the Government for introducing new measures without a safety net for those affected and it has been agreed that from now on representatives of both parties will be included in the decision-making process.

Més and Podemos also accused the Government of not explained the vaccination protocol clearly enough and demanded that the process be speeded up as much as possible.

The meeting appears to have resolved inter-party discord, at least for now and several issues were discussed, including ways to dispel the anger displayed during Tuesday’s mass protest.

"The tension is real and we have to be able to show the workers that we're with them," said one source.

The attendees agreed that the way the Government communicates with the public needs to be reviewed and fine-tuned to prevent further discontent.

"The more information you give, the better," sources said.


On Friday, the President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol will reveal how the aid for Sectors affected by the coronavirus restrictions will be distributed.