Tobacconist in Palma.

Tobacconists in Palma.

14-01-2021Jaume Morey

Tobacconists are to be allowed to open seven days a week because they provide an essential basic service, according to the Government.

The latest restrictions appear to have caused a lot of confusion, so much so that it’s been deemed necessary to clarify exactly who people are allowed to mix with, particularly if they're hiking or walking in the countryside.

Sports such as tennis are allowed as long as there is no contact, but two families are not allowed to get together to go for a walk with their children.

Minorca has now been raised to level 4 restrictions after an increase in coronavirus infections.


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Lisa / Hace 9 months

In terms of healthcare I wonder whether the Government have anyone medically trained advising them.

Smoking? Yes, it’s essential - so no problem. Obviously they haven’t seen the data related to lung cancer.

Vaccines? No, we can wait another year. Apparently Jet 2 are putting on extra flights in 2022, so that’s fine.

You couldn’t make it up!


Adam / Hace 9 months

it's obvious that they are Changing the rules and making this up as they go along depending on who screams the loudest and the people in Power are very good at screaming , Professionel´s are allowed to shop at Bauhaus or Leroy guess they can't get Corona , Smoker´s no Corona , Tennis Players no corona , , Unbelievable people don't understand the rules because every day there are different rules .