The Bini pension in Porto Cristo is to be renovated. | Maria Nadal


Anirà Bé Petits Hotels is a company with six hotels in Minorca and four in the pipeline in Mallorca, one of which is a project to renovate the former Bini pension in Porto Cristo.

The company's philosophy is one of "socialising" tourism. It encourages guests to go out to bars and restaurants, so that the local economy benefits. It only offers accommodation. Joan Lladó says that "we believe in a change to the tourism model by socialising the profits of the sector". "This type of hotel, which only offers lodging, creates a return for the economy and especially the complementary offer (bars and restaurants, for example)."

Buildings are chosen so that "existing heritage" can be restored and guests can be offered the chance to "get a new experience of Mallorca". The architect, Guillem Mateos of the GMM studio, explains that the renovation in Porto Cristo will give "a second life to a building from the 1970s". It would otherwise be "obsolete in terms of planning".

The building currently has 25 rooms, although the new hotel won't necessarily have the same number. Mateos adds that there has to be adaptation to new regulations. "We still don't know how many rooms there will be, but we do know that it will be a small hotel that provides quality and well-being to the guests."

Work is due to start at the end of the year so that the hotel can open in 2022. The investment is around 500,000 euros by a company whose name means "it will be (or will work out) fine". This name was chosen before the start of the pandemic, as "anirà bé" became a slogan during the lockdown. Banners and messages of hope were displayed in windows and on balconies saying "tot anirà bé", everything will be fine.