Poster for the protest scheduled for this coming Friday at 11.00 in Palma

Poster for the protest scheduled for this coming Friday at 11.00 in Palma.

18-01-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A mass demonstration against the closure of the Hospitality Sector has been called on Friday in Palma.

More than 20 Associations and Groups are supporting the protest, which has yet to be approved by the Government Delegation.

Protestors in Palma.

The organisers insist that it will go ahead even if they're denied permission and have warned that they'll bring Palma to an entire standstill during Saturday’s demonstration, with some protesters travelling in vehicles and others walking in order to comply with the coronavirus restrictions and maintain social distancing.

Last Tuesday around 4,000 demonstrators joined a protest against the closure of the Hospitality Sector, this time there’s likely to be a lot more than that.


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James w / Hace 9 months

It's Friday not Saturday. I'll be there and I know of many others already looking for to it. I have work but it's important this Tyranny and communist politics stops. Using a flu virus as there excuse for there policies.


Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

Although I would never join any demonstration, I do get these people are angry. Why not have restaurants and cafeterias open till 17:00, like in the Valencian region and make the curfew. Then at least spanish can have their comida and the hospitality sector has a least a fighting chance to survive.