Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the Balearic infectious diseases committee.


Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, warned on Tuesday that the Balearics had not yet reached the peak of the pandemic. "The important thing is to know how many days it will be before the peak, once the acceleration begins to be controlled. You have to go day by day, watching the evolution."

Arranz said that he was in favour of bringing the curfew forward from 10pm to 8pm. "Limitation of mobility is important for reducing gatherings that lead to infections." He supported an earlier curfew ahead of "tougher measures, such as closing all non-essential activity". "Bringing the curfew forward can be an appropriate tool", and it would send an important message. "Up to now, 8pm has only been a recommendation. It would make people aware that the situation is difficult and that we must all do the same."

He advocated maintaining the current restrictions, as "it is more dangerous how we come down from a peak than how we get there". It is necessary to get very low numbers of cases in order to guarantee that removing social contact measures will not be risky, something that, along with vaccination, will prevent a regrowth in the incidence.

Arranz said that in Mallorca, where the incidence rate is stabilising, much stricter measures have been put in place, such as the closure of bars and restaurants. "We are beginning to see a stabilisation and a decrease in the number of cases."

As for the UK variant, he believed that it has not had time to have any significant impact.