Son Espases isn't expecting a decrease in ICU patients until mid-February. | Teresa Ayuga

On Saturday, the 14-day cumulative incidence of coronavirus cases per 100,000 in Mallorca was 468.62. On December 17 it was 444, and at the peak between then and now there were 650 cases.

Despite the deceleration in numbers of cases, the situation in Mallorca continues to be concerning. In intensive care units, as of today (Sunday), there are 104 Covid patients. Son Espases Hospital doesn't expect its ICU admissions to fall until mid-February. On wards, while there was a decrease of 36 patients between Thursday and Saturday, the number has gone up again on Sunday by eleven to 309. A consistently decreasing number of people requiring attention from primary care is a positive sign, but the total is still very high - 6,317. The seven-day cumulative incidence is 194.86 cases per 100,000, also very high, but better than it was.

Over the past twelve days from January 11, when there were 628 cases per 100,000, the cumulative incidence has been coming down, which isn't the case in Ibiza, where the 14-day rate has doubled from some 1,000 on January 13. In the municipality of Ibiza it is over 3,000.

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