Biel Company of the Partido Popular in parliament on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey

During the debate in parliament on Tuesday, the leader of the opposition, Biel Company of the Partido Popular, accused Armengol of having lost her authority. She had done so in the early hours of one morning. "In any other European country this would have meant your immediate resignation."

Company observed that the government doesn't engage in dialogue with the opposition. The PP has offered "three pacts": one for a more ambitious and better oriented reactivation plan; another for a commission to oversee the management of EU funds; and a third for demanding more aid from the Sánchez government. It was time, he insisted, to dispense with political fronts and, for this, "I'm extending my hand". "I don't know about opinion polls, but the citizens of the Balearics would appreciate it."

The PP leader said that aid which has been approved is insufficient and was "the result of improvisation" in order to curb discontent. He was critical of Armengol's lack of empathy for sectors which have been affected and for having introduced numerous restrictions without explaining them.

The president, Company stressed, needed to be more demanding of Pedro Sánchez and to give greater clarity about the vaccination programme. In his opinion, the best tourism promotion campaign for the Balearics would be the sight of queues of people being vaccinated on a mass scale.

On a personal note, Company concluded by asking the president not to try to teach him lessons in sensitivity. Someone very close to him, for whom he has been shedding tears, is on a ventilator.