Presentation at Palma town hall on Tuesday. | Ajuntament de Palma

From next week, Palma will have 55 neighbourhood police officers. Joana Maria Adrover, councillor for public safety, said on Tuesday that these officers will now be dedicating themselves to these roles. Because of the pandemic, they have been diverted to other functions.

The reactivation of the neighbourhood police service, Adrover noted, has been one of the most regular demands made by residents. The principal functions of the officers will be to act as point of contact for residents, to ensure bylaw compliance, to sanction anti-social behaviour and to respond to residents' needs for improving the quality of life.

She explained that the number of officers per neighbourhood will depend on the size of the neighbourhood and that there will be a doubling of the total number.

Mayor José Hila said that neighbourhood police will make it possible to focus on what is most important in each area. This will facilitate a "more real" view of the needs of neighbourhoods and of those actions which need to be undertaken. "It will help us combat anti-social behaviour, another of our priorities."