Bars and restaurants to remain closed.

Bars and restaurants to remain closed. recent photo.

28-01-2021Josep Bagur Gomila

The restrictions for shopping centres, gyms and bars and cafes are being extended for another 15 days.

The Government reportedly advised the Official College of Licensing in Physical Education & Sports and the Associació d'empresaris d'instalacions esportives of their decision on Wednesday and will meet with the other affected Sectors on Thursday.

The measures will be maintained at least until February 15 in a bid to stem coronavirus infections. The Balearic Islands had an incidence rate of 624 cases per 100,000 inhabitants before the current restrictions began on January 11 and it’s now dropped to 414 cases.

The employers of the affected Sectors had already taken it for granted that the measures would be extended.

The President of the Association of Businessmen of Sports Facilities of the Balearic Islands, Naty Company claims gyms have lost a significant amount of money because of the coronavirus measures.

CAEB President, Alfonso Robledo, and Pimem President, Eugenia Cusí have both complained that the amount of aid being offered is woefully inadequate.

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol has stressed that the de-escalation process has to be cautious.

“Covid mutates and attacks with increasing speed and ferocity, demanding more prudence,” she said. “Everytime we have tried to accelerate the de-escalation the virus has hit us hard. It cannot happen again. We have to slow down because otherwise the effect is counterproductive.”


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Rich / Hace 9 months

The new normal is that covid be treated much the same as flu in that an annual vaccine will have to be developed each year to counter it. The only difference is that covid has a higher death rate. We must accept this and get on with life or else have a life not worth living. Some things we have to just accept.


John D / Hace 9 months

The prospect of a return to something nearing normality and a return of tourists by early summer is getting weaker with every passing day. Looking at the behaviour of the pandemic right now we could be dealing with this for the rest of 2021 and into next year.