Pressure is starting to tell in Ibiza. | Archive


The health service in Ibiza is giving consideration to the transfer of Covid patients to Mallorca. The Simebal doctors union says that this is one possibility being studied in order to deal with pressure at Can Misses Hospital. Patients would mainly be transferred to Son Espases in Palma.

The situation in Ibiza is not yet at a point where the health service is being overwhelmed - there is said to be a 20% "margin for manoeuvre" - but the fifteen intensive care beds at Can Misses are all occupied by Covid patients. Other patients in critical care are in other areas, including operating theatres. Surgery, for the moment, is being limited to emergency cases.

Two wards at Can Misses are for Covid patients who don't require intensive care, but these are now starting to expand and occupy trauma areas as well. The contingency plan is to place 23 beds in the rehabilitation gym, but this would require personnel. Simebal adds that the main problem is lack of staff - this has been aggravated by Covid. Another possibility is the transfer of health personnel from Mallorca and Minorca to Ibiza.

* Three critical patients were transferred to Son Espases on Thursday.