Passengers checking in for a Palma flight

More fears being expressed about the tourism season.


The Confederation of Balearic Business Associations (CAEB) is warning that the Balearics will not have a tourism season unless the Spanish government appreciates the serious situation caused by restrictions.

The president of CAEB, Carmen Planas, said on Friday that not having a tourism season "cannot be allowed". "Businesses, employment and Balearic society as a whole will not be able to bear having another failed season."

Planas was speaking after the latest meeting of the social dialogue table of government, business and union representatives. At this meeting, the importance of aid to avoid a collapse of the Balearic economy was stressed.

"We need special aid. If not, we will not be able to have a tourism season. We know there is a problem with vaccines and we also believe that this will be solved in time, but it is essential that aid is given to businesses in all sectors, as they are all badly affected.

"We want this aid to reach businesses as soon as possible and for Madrid to be aware that the Balearic Islands are the region whose economy has been most affected by the pandemic."

She went on to argue that town halls need to be more sensitive by adopting measures that benefit all business sectors, such as exemptions from municipal taxes. "At CAEB we cannot understand how Palma town hall is not sensitive to this problem and has not acted on it when others have."

In this regard, Planas highlighted Calvia and Pollensa town halls. "They are sensitive and have offered means to businesses in ways that Palma opposes. We hope that the situation being suffered by businesses in Palma will be fixed as soon as possible."


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GrahamJ / Hace 12 months

This pandemic will have no doubt created a scenario that the average ordinary Tourist will take a good, long and hard look as to just where what’s left of its hard earned money will take them and also to what will be on offer at the destination of choice


David Cartwright / Hace 12 months

We have been coming to S'illot for many years and love the island and its people. All our best wishes and hope you can get things sorted as soon as possible. When allowed we will be on a plane as soon as we can. Good luck keep going and with luck we will be able to enjoy what is for us one of the nicest places on Earth.


Lisa / Hace 12 months

I think it’s worth pointing out that even if there is aid - not everyone gets it.

The only way for the country to go forward, is by ensuring the best possible outcome via vaccination.

And the policy needs to be considered and rolled out in a just and fair way.

The last thing that the islands need now is a divided community.