Mallorca still remains at extreme risk. | Jaume Morey


On Friday, the Balearic epidemiology service reported that the 14-day cumulative incidence of coronavirus cases per 100,000 in Mallorca has decreased 25% over the past week.

The number has gone from 552.3 cases (4,949 positive cases) to 413.6 (3,706 positive diagnoses in the past two weeks). Despite this decrease, Mallorca remains at level four for extreme risk.

The situation in Ibiza is especially worrying. The cumulative incidence has risen by 32%. There are 2,402.7 cases per 100,000 (based on 3,554 positives over the past two weeks). Last week, the figure was 1,817.6 (2,684 positive cases in two weeks).

The cumulative incidence in Formentera has gone from 652.3 cases to 1,271.6 (154 positive cases over two weeks), while in Minorca it is up from 414.4 to 458.3 (428 positives). For the whole of the Balearics, there is a three per cent decrease from 704.6 cases to 682.2.

Since the start of the pandemic and up to January 28, the epidemiology service has confirmed 51,031 positive cases - 39,934 in Mallorca, 9,116 in Ibiza, 1,796 in Minorca and 455 in Formentera. Eighty per cent of these cases (41,149) have displayed symptoms; the rest have been asymptomatic.

The epidemiology service has classified 433 cases as having been from other Spanish regions and 172 having been imported from other countries.