Businesses suffering in central Palma. | Jaume Morey


Thousands of business closures, delays in granting aid and tax bills that people just don’t have the money for were just some of the issues tabled at a meeting between Palma Mayor, José Hila, Economic Promotion & Employment Councillor, Rodrigo Romero and PIMECO on Monday.

During their 2 hour videoconference, Mayor Hila and Councillor Romero promised to issue municipal bonds for consumers to spend in small businesses as well as a new campaign to relaunch the Sector and said an aid plan will be implemented by the City Council.

The City Council will meet periodically with representatives from the Commerce Sector for as long as the pandemic lasts and meetings with police commanders are also planned to discuss the increase in robberies and insecurity in shops.

Traders complained to Mayor Hila about graffiti in the city and he confirmed that a graffiti cleaning service has just been launched, which will be subsidised by Palma City Council.


We know that there will be a package of aid but we don’t know the final amount or when it will arrive,” said PIMECO President Toni Fuster after the meeting. “We discussed taxes and the mayor assured us that none of them will be lowered."

The traders have also asked that Carrer de la Unió be reopened to traffic with free parking to attract shoppers.

Fuster warned that “every day that passes a business dies and this is unsustainable. Sales are down and there are no people on the streets.”