Re-opening soon....

Re-opening soon.....

01-12-2019L. BECERRA

Some of the big stores in central Palma could re-open this weekend as the Balearic government starts easing some of the restrictions, according to reports this morning.

It is reported that big retailers in central Palma, (El Corte Ingles C&A etc) may be given the green light to re-open, with some restrictions, by the Balearic government at a meeting which will take place on Friday.

However, there will be no Valentine joy for bars and restaurants with speculation pointing to closure for another two weeks.

While the number of cases continues to fall the Balearic government wants to stop mass gatherings. The key is the face mask. It is obligatory to wear a face covering in shops but in bars and restaurants this can´t be the case for obvious reasons.


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Paul Humphries / Hace 12 months

I read your article about large stores might be re opening this weekend but bars and restaurants won’t I cannot understand the mentality of the government in that every restaurant I’ve been into all being on a outside terrace has adopted really good safe measures for the customers to keep a safe distance whilst in stores you can mix closely with people. It’s crazy and it’s driving people mad not being @ble to go out even if only for a meal


Mark Badoer / Hace 12 months

Yogi, although I generally agree and applaud your comments, not this time I´m afraid. In this very (digital) paper one can read 84.000 vaccines are on their way and locations for mass vaccination are being appointed. So it appears things are moving the rigth way, where vaccination is concerned. Also, of course there is business pressure to re-open. Don´t forget that thousands of people are employed by the big retailers and in the shopping centres here on Mallorca; either directly or indirectly. So it is only logical they are pushing for re-opening. Imagine the cost of these large stores, without income. 3 months being closed and they can close their doors for good. What I do agree with you, is the total randomness of the restrictions. Social business´s should be able to open too (with restrictions), i.e. till say 5pm, so at least "comida" can be served. Anyway, Armengol and her clan have proven time and time again that they rule without vision and react to things like upcoming diarrhea.


Yogi / Hace 12 months

Here we go again. Easing off too early due to business pressure and bingo! Yo-yoing up and down. They have no evidence that can prove the effectiveness of micromanaging elements of the restrictions like this. If big shops why not all shops? If social businesses like bars, cafés and restaurants must remain closed, even if restricted to outside spaces only, why are schools and offices still open? Completely exasperated by the complete lack of logic or even explanation about their decisions AND it has gone very quiet about vaccinations too.