SOS tourism support campaign

SOS tourism support campaign.

12-02-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The SOS Turismo initiative has launched on the Passeig Marítim in Cala Millor today, with the aim of making the Administration aware that tourism must be reactivated to save the economy and employment in Mallorca.

Digital printing and labelling companies have been saturated with orders for posters and tarpaulins with the SOS Turismo logo from around 600 hoteliers, taxi drivers, transporters, nightlife entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, traders and other business owners in the Tourism Sector.

SOS Turismo tarpaulin, Mallorca.

There is huge support for the campaign, particularly from the Hotel Sector, Catering, Trade and Transport and huge banners are expected to appear on hundreds of hotels, buildings and shops and in busy traffic areas in Palma and the rest of the Island.

The aim is to achieve the greatest media impact and maximum visibility at local and state level with the purpose of making the Balearic Government and the Central Government more aware of what’s happening in the Balearics and what can to happen if we don’t have tourist season,” said the promoters. "We hope that more groups and residents will join us to express their dissatisfaction and promote all kinds of actions.”

German and British Tour Operators have taken to social media to support the SOS Tursimo initiative in Mallorca, pointing out that the vaccination process must be reactivated on the island in order to have a summer season.

The Tourism Sector is in a critical situation and it is necessary to give firm answers, hence both the FEHM and the Hotel Chains Association agree with the objectives and demands of this initiative, in order to reactivate tourist activity,” said the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation.

SOS Turismo banner, Mallorca.


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Yogi / Hace 12 months

No Vaccination? No Vacation! Simples.


Nigel Stack / Hace 12 months

I suppose it gives them something to do while they wait for the vaccine.


Lisa / Hace 12 months

I can’t agree with Steve more - he’s spot on. No one can afford a repeat of last year.

Vaccination is the only way back for the island’s economy. It really is life or death - in more ways than one.


Stan / Hace 12 months

I did wonder how much revenue is not being paid in taxation to the Government?. Whilst the Island is almost closed, they will not be able to receive money, if the people and businesses do not have any money. Plus without any money from Tourism.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 12 months

"SOS Vacunismo" it should read.... Tourists will follow once that's complete...


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 12 months

This should be "SOS Vaccinations". We can't have any tourists here until we're all vaccinated, and it should be obvious. Imagine another outbreak in mid season, with the hospitals full, everybody confined to their hotel rooms, and all flights cancelled. We've already seen that don't forget...


Lisa / Hace 12 months

It’s shocking that this campaign is needed. The government should be well aware that the tourism industry needs support. The bulk of Mallorca’s income is from tourism, yet the powers that be seen oblivious to the fact. Shocking. Perhaps they need to take a leaf out of the government of Greece’s book? They’ve been totally proactive. It puts the Balearics to shame.