A Jet2 Boeing 737 airplane takes off from the airport.

A Jet2 Boeing 737-300 airplane takes off from the airport .

13-02-2021Paul Hanna

British travel giant Jet2, which brings hundreds of thousands of British holidaymakers to the Balearics, has set out three scenarios for a resumption of flights: May 22, mid-July and September 1, according to an article in the Financial Times.

Airlines and travel companies have a lot riding on the date. Even Jet2, smaller and thriftier than rivals, reckons on burning through £75m a month in a fully grounded situation, according to the newspaper.

Jet2 cancelled its Easter holiday programme this week and there are now hopes that it could resume its holiday programme in May.

The British government has given mixed messages over holidays; one minister has told Britons not to book while another has said that he has already booked his holiday to Cornwall.


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John Dougal / Hace 8 months

Some kind of tourism activity this year is absolutely critical for the future. Even if it is only for half of the normal season, which looks likely, it is vital that some activity happens in this sector otherwise huge swathes of this industry will fail or take many years to recover from.


Lisa / Hace 8 months

Majorca fan is correct. Jet 2 are now promoting Greece this year and sending emails encouraging Mallorca in 2021!!! Really - businesses won’t survive. Families and workers will go hungry. I have to say, politically Greece and Israel have the political messaging spot on. I’ve spent the day looking at SOS Tourismo messaging all day. It’s desperate. It smacks to me like the Government doesn’t care. Very sad. Tragic.


Majorca fan / Hace 8 months

The musings of U.K. politics is not the issue to Majorca holidays this and possibly next year. The U.K. will by end of week will have vaccinated 15million of population.around 22%.total. European Union is is at best 3% ave . British political leaders have no advantage in helping eu tourism they need the U.K. economy stimulated first. Spain and so Majorca have to quote general Ludendorff shackled themselves to the European Union vaccine corpse. Lisa and Mark b have mentioned politics in previous post and they are correct. By aside Jet2 are promoting Greece and extending is season from my local airport to mid November. Majorca is hardly mentioned this year. Do they know something the rest of us only suspect Majorca is not going to have a 2021 season I hope not