Britons heading to Spain.

Brits head to Spain.


Vaccine passports are back on table with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab saying that they hadn´t been ruled out despite comments from other ministers which claimed that the idea had been shelved.

Raab´s comments over the weekend were music to the ears of the Spanish government which believes that the vaccine passport is the way to kickstart the tourist industry sooner rather than later. The tourism SOS campaign on the island highlights the industry fears at the moment with the prospects of another summer without tourists on the horizon if action is not taken.

The Spanish tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, is committed to the idea of a vaccination passport and to looking to convince the European Commission. In interviews with Spanish media in recent days, the secretary of state for tourism, Fernando Valdés, has highlighted the importance of vaccination as one aspect of facilitating safe travel.

The vaccine passport would contain all relevant information on the traveller´s Covid track record and it would mean that they would not have to quarantine in Spain on arrival.


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Max / Hace 10 months

Actually it all doesn't matter.. The vaccine is to vaccinate, not to prevent pandemy or whatever.


andrew bernard / Hace 10 months

This would mean that under 40's cannot go on holiday this year. Fair? No, not really, especially as the younger generation has suffered the most due to lockdowns.


John Dougal / Hace 10 months

How will that work for families travelling together with children who are old enough to be vaccinated but young enough that the program hasn't yet reached their age group ?


Scott / Hace 10 months

This simply is a knee jerk idea which when put into the real world simply wouldn't work for many various reasons. (a) Vaccination in the UK has targeted the 70+ age range of which i would say make up a small % of people who come to the island and if they do, maybe don't spend much around the island or resort as go all inc at the hotel. (b) most of the above also don't have smart phones for any said app, and paperwork would cause huge delays at airport while they try to read various different paper work. (c) having the vaccine apparently does not stop transmission. (d) While you welcome everyone you really need the 18-60 age range who spend money in and around the resorts. (e) Reyes also says that people wouldn't have to go into quarantine, but would still have to social distance, wear masks outside your hotel room and the like even when you've had the vaccine. I love Mallorca and come over a few times a year, but i would be hard pushed to spend good money to come over if i was met with more restrictions than that of being at home. The other limiting factor there is im an early 30's healthy person so a vaccine for me would be maybe upto a year away, so is Reyes saying im 'not' welcome as i havent had a vaccine? (and that also opens up a big can regarding people who medically can't, those on religious grounds and those who simply don't want the vaccine, but thats another debate)