Tourists in Palma. archive photo. | EFE


German and British Tour Operators say the Tourism Sector in Mallorca will recover as soon as Spain’s vaccination programme is seen to be working.

In mid-January they said that Greece and Turkey would start the tourist season before the Balearic Islands because their coronavirus vaccination plans are already in place and operations in the eastern Mediterranean are scheduled to begin in May and June.

Tourist Groups say the Greek Islands of Crete, Kos and Rhodes are currently topping the list of preferred destinations for summer holidays and were extremely popular last year too.

Last year these three islands registered higher levels of activity than Spanish tourist destinations, including Mallorca and it looks like the same thing will happen in summer 2021, if the current health conditions persist,” they said.

Turkey is also positioning itself as a competitive destination for Mallorca this year, particularly the coastal area of Antalya.

UK and German Tour Operators, including Jet2, EasyJet Holidays, Alltours, FTI, Schaunsland and DER Touristik point out that the situation changes from week to week.

But one thing they all agree on is that Mallorca will monopolise summer reservations as soon as the Covid infection levels improve and they stressed the need for Spain’s vaccination campaign to get underway as quickly as possible when vaccines arrive from pharmaceutical companies that have signed contracts with Brussels.