A protest by Balearic nightlife businesses in December. | Teresa Ayuga


The Abone association of nightlife businesses has sent a letter to President Armengol demanding a meeting. The association highlights the fact that clubs and others have been closed for eleven months and that the situation is "unsustainable".

The president of Abone, Jesús Sánchez, states in the letter that the request for a meeting is reiterated for "the umpteenth time", so that "we can address measures in order to avoid bankruptcies and the definitive disappearance of a significant number of businesses".

Sánchez is critical of the ministry for the economic model, tourism and employment. It has displayed an "attitude of contempt, which is unfair and unjustified, towards the nightlife sector". This has been evident from statements by Sr. Iago Negueruela in private settings.

He adds that is surprising, "not to say insulting", that the meeting that Abone has been demanding for six months is "immediately offered to people who, through a demonstration or presence on social media, acquire a certain leadership". Attention given to them "and not to us" reflects a "perverse" dealing with employers associations which, "like ours, are more than forty years old".