Patricia Gómez, speaking on Tuesday. | Europa Press

Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez admitted on Tuesday that she was concerned about a possible opening-up at Easter, as this could jeopardise the main tourism season.

She insisted that there must be caution with relaxation of current restrictions. "We do not want to apply restrictions again and again," she said, recognising that the whole of society "is making a great deal of effort". Giving the example of Ibiza, where the 14-day cumulative incidence was above 2,000 cases a week ago, she stressed that "weeks of restrictions" are required to lower high incidence rates.

Gómez was hopeful of maintaining the fall in the incidence rate (currently 111.27 for 14 days for the whole of the Balearics), with vaccination also a factor. But she added that if there were specific increases in cases in municipalities, the government would be forced "to take very strong measures". As to the government's approach to Easter, she said that this will depend on the number of cases and the occupancy of intensive care units. At present, this is 25%. For the risk level to drop to 3, this needs to be no more than 15%.