Balearic government spokesperson, Iago Negueruela

Iago Negueruela, speaking on Friday.

26-02-2021Jaume Morey

Balearic government spokesperson Iago Negueruela said on Friday that "all the procedures for de-escalation recommend restrictions until there is control of the pandemic and extensive vaccination".

Negueruela restated what the health minister, Patricia Gómez, and President Armengol have said: the de-escalation of the current restrictions needs to be slow. There will be a review of these restrictions in a fortnight's time, and "it will be seen how some may be relaxed" in order to allow sectors "to stay alive".

The minister stressed that special care has to be taken. "We cannot have cases of people drinking in squares in a massive way." Compliance with the current rules will allow economic activity to be maintained, but he warned that "at the slightest rise, we will have to close again to guarantee the health situation".

Compliance has had a positive effect, Negueruela noted, as the 14-day cumulative incidence has decreased on all the islands. It is now below 100 for the Balearics as a whole (90.83). The reopening of large stores, he added, has not led to an increase in infections.


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Rich / Hace 11 months

So now we can cross off re-opening large stores to a certain capacity should numbers increase. Next week bars open, let's see what effect they have. A process of elimination will find the root of any increase in covid infections. Perhaps this should've been done a long time ago? 'Sectors to stay alive!'...the minnows of many sectors died a long time ago.