February was the second worst month for Covid deaths in Spain. | Miquel À. Cañellas

In February, there were 126 deaths from Covid in the Balearics. This was the same number as in January, but as February is a shorter month, the number of deaths was in effect the second highest for a month.

The situation in the Balearics mirrors what has happened in the whole of Spain. The number of deaths in February was the second highest - 10,823. In April last year there were 15,672. In the Balearics there were 142 deaths in April 2020.

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Health experts point to a domino effect that occurs with waves of an epidemic. Infections grow and hospital admissions rise. More people are admitted to intensive care and, ultimately, the number of deaths increases.

Over the final seven days of February there were 39 deaths in the Balearics.