Hiring was down, while unemployment was up. | Europa Press


Unemployment in the Balearics in February was 84,581. There was a 1.5% rise compared with January (1,240 more unemployed) and a 46.9% increase compared with February 2020 (27,016 more). This is the highest unemployment figure for a February since 2014.

The bulk of the unemployed, 65,964, were in the service sector; the number rose by 1,162 from January. In construction there was an increase of 281 to 9,255, while there were slight falls in unemployment in agriculture (40 fewer to 1,174) and industry (33 to 3,385).

Hiring fell by 8.6% compared with January; there were 1,424 fewer employment contracts, a total of 15,127. There were 16,112 fewer contracts than in February 2020, a decrease of 51.6%. Of these contracts, 12,195 were temporary. The service sector accounted for 9,681, construction 4,323, industry 843, and agriculture 280.