Germans staying at home.

Germans staying at home.

02-03-2021PHIL NOBLE

The German government is urging its citizens not to travel over Easter in a major blow for the Mallorcan tourist industry. It is now highly unlikely that tourists from Mallorca´s two principal markets (Germany and Britain) will be heading to our shores sooner rather than later.

Germany plans to extend its coronavirus lockdown until March 28 while easing some restrictions from next week, a draft document to be discussed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and federal state leaders showed on Tuesday.

With Easter approaching, the draft agreement also appeals to Germans to avoid domestic and foreign travel, adding, however, that limited visits to relatives will be allowed over the festive days.


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Lisa / Hace 8 months

Ironically, this could save the summer. That’s if, and only if, Mallorca manages to start to vaccinate the home population in significant numbers.

The news that Mallorca was prepared to allow unchecked entry from some areas of Spain and Germany from Easter would have, without doubt, brought with it an increase in Covid cases. To a largely unvaccinated home population this would have meant almost certain disaster - a repeat of last year.

Tourism - and that includes all safe corridors - needs to be put on hold until the vast majority of Mallorca’s population is vaccinated and safe.

This is the only way to protect lives and the economy. Opening the borders and being forced to close again is far more damaging than any other option.


Nigel Stack / Hace 8 months

Like that is a big surprise, not.