Healthcare worker at Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

Healthcare worker at Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

02-03-2021Teresa Ayuga

The de-escalation process is well underway at Son Espases Hospital in Palma, which now has just one Covid ward in operation. Another ward that was vacated on Friday is being cleaned and converted for use by non-Covid patients.

All Crisis Committee meetings have been temporarily suspended, because there are hardly any coronavirus patients left, but they'll be reconvened immediately if the situation deteriorates.

Other Committees for things like beds, the ICU and vaccinations will continue to meet.

The Coronary ICU has already been cleaned, the OF plant is being vacated gradually and will shortly be used for patients with serious non-Covid pathologies and four Covid beds in the Resuscitation Unit are no longer in use.

There are no coronavirus patients in the General Hospital and non-Covid patients are now being admitted, but must have a negative PCR before transfer.

On Tuesday, major outpatient surgery resumed at Verge de la Salut Hospital.

More outpatient operations are scheduled to take place at Son Espased Hospital in March and Surgical block activity will also increase now that more beds are available and medical personnel have been recalled from Covid wards.

To help reduce waiting lists, operations will be carried out, morning and afternoon, in subsidised centres.

Healthcare Professionals

Almost all the Healthcare Professionals at Son Espases Hospital have been vaccinated and in recent days staff at the IdIsBa, the UIB Faculty of Medicine and the concessionaire company have also had their jabs.

A total of 5,127 people were vaccinated on Tuesday.


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