An aircraft from German flag carrier Lufthansa lands at the international airport in Frankfurt. | RONALD WITTEK - RW DL bjw MDA -


Britain's aviation minister said that restarting travel after COVID-19 lockdowns needs to be done by countries working together and that the government hoped holidays would be allowed as soon as possible after May 17.

"This is likely to involve working with other international partners," aviation minister Robert Courts told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday when asked about the restart. "I suspect it's unlikely that many countries will be doing this on their own."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week that the ban on non-essential international travel to and from England will stay until at least May 17.

Asked about when exactly travel will be allowed, Courts said: "There won't be any travel before May 17th, and we will look as soon as we can after that, but it really isn't something I can give more detail on."