We need to save tourism this summer

We need to save tourism this summer.

04-03-2021Twitter: @GabrielEscarrer

The Chief Executive of the Palma-based Melia Hotel Group, Gabriel Escarrer, said that the vaccination programme in Spain was too slow and after two months of vaccinations only 2.5 percent of the population has had the jab.

Escarrer said that Spain needed to step-up its vaccination programme to kick-start the travel industry.

He has previously said that Spain could not afford another season without tourists. The Balearic government has promised to increase the vaccination programme.


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Tommy / Hace 8 months

reality check, pls . 1. currently less than 3 percent of Spains populations vaccinated. it is march. Does anyone one really think the government can get 70 percent vaccinated by June July. Forget it. and dont bother blaming the government as the Government will blame the Pharma industry for delivery and production delays. Result nothing changes it is what it is and it will take till end this year to get anywhere near 70 percent of the population vaccinated. 2. Balearic Government, UK Gov German Gov etc that allows mass travel too soon in any uncontrolled restricted manner is asking for trouble as the infection rates and deaths will go up again quickly if all is loosened too soon, based on the consistent pushing by airlines and tourism industry. The result will be catastrophic and again all countries will have to do lock downs. its a cycle one can only get out of if one follows medical science, and not hotel managers or airline ceo s thinking only about their business and not public national health and the risks involved.

Suggest allow now over Easter people to travel, then the Covid number will increase in the Eu by June , then no government needs to worry about the summer tourist season and can vaccinate for a long long time in peace .


Johnf / Hace 8 months

Yes it is you have to go some if you want Tourist in malllorca this year


Zoe / Hace 8 months

It is! and it is surprising that Mallorca is rejecting offer of assistance from Businesses.


Majorca fan / Hace 8 months

The man’s right. Green passport, green air corridors not a solution if Majorca population still at risk.. Real world data from Israel and U.K. shows good vaccine protection from severe illnesses and positive signs that transmission could be affected. U.K. 30% of population now 1st dose received.report 2.5% Spain this statistic variance has to much risk for Mallorca population and needs to close to allow tourists to visit