Ready to travel.

Ready to travel.


Spain and Greece look set to strike a holiday deal with Britain even without vaccine passports, according to press reports today.

According to the Daily Express "amid uncertainty over the European Union´s failing vaccine strategy, Spain and Greece have made it clear they want to do a deal direct with the UK. Spain's tourism minister Fernando Valdes has said the country is considering opening a "green corridor" for vaccinated Britons.

His Greek counterpart, Haris Theoharis, also confirmed that UK holidaymakers will be welcomed with or without a Europe-wide vaccine passport. Mr Valdes said: "Right now we have discussions with our colleagues in the UK.

The announcement is fantastic news for the Mallorcan tourist industry. If all goes according to plan British tourists should be able to start travelling after May 17.


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Ben / Hace 9 months

It is safe for us, paying customers.


William cooke / Hace 9 months

If spain does not want the British say so and stop keep trying to make us Jump Through hoops,just to go on holiday my wife and I have been coming To majorca for twenty years, but we are thinking about going else where Majorcas loss Cyprus gain


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

@Stan. How do you work that one out Stan ? Anybody can transmit the virus, and we're not vaccinated here, - so who is it safe for ?


Stan / Hace 9 months

Ensuring Tourists travel in a Green Corridor with negative PCR testing proof. Is an excellent idea. Keeping Mallorca safe etc.