Malllorca awaits you.

Mallorca awaits you.

25-02-2021Andrea Caballero

Just two months ago a holiday on Mallorca was just a dream but now it is close to becoming a reality and the Majorca Daily Bulletin can´t wait to welcome you back.

According to media reports this morning Spain´s tourism minister has given further hope to British holidaymakers by announcing the creation of a pilot programme to test vaccine passports. It is more than likely that this programme will take place in the Balearics with the local government wanting the islands to be a pioneer of the vaccine passport.

It follows the news that that Britain is trialling a vaccine passport app in the next few weeks to allow travel to return.

If all goes according to plan, British tourists could start arriving back on the island by the end of May.


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Johnf / Hace 8 months

Uk Tourist wil not come to malllorca if that what you all think of the British people you need to think of the hotel and restaurants business before you open your mouth Phil i hope you don't have a business that requires uk and eu people to for visits to malllorca


GrahamJ / Hace 8 months

My last and final comment to this Forum.... A month in Greece is my paid visit for a month away this year...... Majorca, Armengol, anti tourist delegation, prices, attitude? well you have all had your say and subsequently, you have lost my vote and money for this year 2021. I wonder if this message will be posted ?


Peter / Hace 8 months

We only want your money, that's the truth of it. Our island lifestyle gets trashed and super-congested, with the pavements saturated and nowhere for us park. Ovecrowded noisy beaches, litter problems, and the general buzz of mass, and mostly low-class all-inclusive tourism is horrible opposed the tranquil, clean and idylic slow island lifestyle that we have otherwise. Having had our island as it should be lasr summer, it was a true paradise, albeit with a few restrictions. Tourism is truly a shame....


John / Hace 8 months

The article is about tourists Phil, not yobs. Two very different things.


Suzanne Dora Doffman / Hace 8 months

How rude is Phil! Mallorca relies heavily on tourism and we are not all yobs. We love and enjoy the island and can't wait to come back and enjoy everything that the it has to offer.


paul / Hace 8 months

Selfish no ? I’d say most Spaniards want the return of tourists ASAP. And the Spaniards who don’t,probably don’t want you here either.


Phil / Hace 8 months

As an expat living in Mallorca I can honestly say we don't want you back. Much nicer and more peaceful without British yobs. Stay in the UK please.